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Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management

Examination Stages

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM global) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Nevada, with corporate Head office in United State of America, which consist of members who are involved in a diverse range of business activities or components of Supply Chain Management such as Operations Management, Project Management, Logistics Management, Production Management, Transport and Shipping Management, Import/Export, Procurement, Stores Management, Warehousing, Supply and Materials Management disciplines etc.

We aim to be the leading professional examining and membership institution of learning in the field of Supply Chain Management as a Profession around the globe.
The Institute’s Examinations include:

CISCM Professional Examinations
The institute’s Professional Examination is made up of 16 modules (subjects) separated into 4 stages. The courses are integrated and progressive, so that knowledge gained at an early stage is a necessary foundation for later parts.

The Institute’s Professional examinations consist of 16 courses sub‐divided into four stages, Foundation, Intermediate, Professional Examination Stage I and Professional Examination Stage II.

These Professional Examinations leading to the award of ACISM:




–      Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Management

–      Elements of Business Communication

–      Quantitative Techniques

–      Principles of Business and Commercial Law




–      Materials Management

–      Price/Cost Analysis and Negotiation Strategies

–      Special Purchasing Applications

–      Logistics Information Systems and Technology




–      Maritime Administration

–      Dynamics of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

–      Import and Export Management

–      Inventory Concepts and Management




–      SCM ‐ Customer Service Management.

–      SCM ‐ Total Quality Management

–      SCM ‐ Project Procurement Management

–      SCM ‐ Shipping and Traffic Management

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