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Leading in Supply Chain Management Training and Certification

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM global) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Nevada, with corporate Head office in United State of America, which consist of members who are involved in a diverse range of business activities or components of Supply Chain Management such as Operation, Project, Logistics, Production, Transport, Shipping, Import/Export, Procurement, Stores, Warehousing, Supply and Materials Management disciplines etc.

We aim to be the leading professional examining and membership institution of learning in the field of Supply Chain Management as a Profession around the globe. The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management is the most prominent professional body for those who are developing a career in Supply Chain Management. The Institute was founded by a number of people from the profession, who recognized the need to develop standards in Supply Chain Management best practices as well as increase the numbers of trained and qualified personnel who were required in rapidly developing and developed countries. They formulated structured training programmes and assisted other institutions of learning in designing courses for their professional scheme and curriculum.

As global trading increases, and advances in technology occur, it will become essential for enterprises to adapt to the constant changes in the business environment. Those enterprises with the ability to take advantage of new opportunities, or increase supply chain effectiveness and efficiency will maintain a competitive edge over their rivals. However, change cannot happen without the management skills of an enterprise, which can identify and implement changes for the benefit of the organization and management standards within the supply chain management profession.

This was considered to be a perfect integration of Purchasing, Warehousing, Materials, Logistics, Supply Chain Project, Operations and Customer Service as an aspect of Supply Chain Management philosophies, which reflect similar trends occurring in the business environment. World-wide there is a growing awareness of the strategic importance of efficient and effective supply chain management objectives. Therefore the Institute is constantly aware and adapting to the changes occurring in the field of supply chain management profession internationally.

Today there has been a global progressive shift in focus from purchasing to supply chain management, and the Institute has recognized this fact by using its title as “Supply Chain Management”. In addition, an alliance has been formed with our affiliate offices in Africa. The Chartered of Supply Chain Management, Ghana and also the Chartered of Supply Chain Management, Nigeria which provides CISCM global with reciprocal arrangement to enable its qualified members to be granted direct membership as approved by the Governing Council or as the case may be from time to time.

One of the aims of the Chartered of Supply Chain Management global Head office is to have operating offices in the entire continent around the world, eg in South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Antarctica, and Africa. There are seven continents in the world although some people do combine Europe and Asia into the single continent Eurasia and others combine North and South America into the American continent. (If we are not in your Country, you can mail us to become CISCM global representative in your Country).

The leading professional examining and membership institution of learning in the field of Supply Chain Management as a Profession around the globe

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