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Become Registered Training College

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM global) is in collaboration with some Registered Training Colleges in different countries around the world. This is a great opportunity to represent CISCM global in your Country, set up a Training Center that will last a lifetime.

Being a Registered Training College takes an understanding of professional education in logistics and supply chain management and the ability to represent CISCM global in your countries. It takes someone who can lead, inspire others, move fast, and get things done. You’ll work with the CISCM Global Annex offices and CISCM Global Team to tailor program initiatives to CISCM global education opportunities.

You’re an ideal Training College, if you are comfortable planner and frequently presenting, already connected with groups and organizations in the field of logistics and supply chain management, and are excited to expand our network even further.

Our objective is to recruit a Registered Training College in every Country. Could it be you?’

What does Registered Training College do?

The role of Registered Training College will vary from workplace to workplace, but could cover the following:

–          Explaining and promoting the benefits of learning to supply chain professionals

–          Signposting colleagues to learning opportunities both professional and personal

–          Being involved in conducting a learning needs

–          Organising learning and development training for students

–          Raising awareness on functional skills and assisting members to address these

–          Raising awareness of lifelong learning issues in supply chain management

–          Working with members on the Knowledge and Skills Framework on SCMBOK

–          Promoting the value of informal and formal learning

–          Liaising with CISCM global management on furthering the learning articulating the workplace learning needs of members

–          Identifying opportunities for joint working with other developing of a local collective learning agreement or sharing examples of good practice

–          Being a resource for members by providing information, advice and guidance

–          Encouraging members to become more active at local Branch level through learning

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Training College of the CISCM global, please contact us at:

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